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Businesses today need to respond quickly and effectively to new challenges, and at PROTEK we help our clients do just that. Whether you’re looking for short-term contracts, contract-to-hire services or permanent employees, we’ll find you excellent candidates with exactly the skillsets you need.


PROTEK’s first concern in fulfilling our clients’ needs is sourcing the highest quality candidates possible. The consultants we dedicate to your business objectives have demonstrated success in their fields of expertise, communicate effectively, and excel in collaborating with others.


Unlike many staffing firms, PROTEK designates a company representative to work with you and the consultant we place with your business throughout the length of your contract with us. This ensures that objectives are clear, progress is measured, and the desired results are achieved.


The key to achieving the best results is careful listening. The PROTEK representatives dedicated to each contract listen to our clients and our consultants from the first encounter through the end of the contract, tracking progress on specific project components, adjusting as necessary, and persisting until your goals are achieved.